British Cinema


Home to one of the first ever motion pictures, Britain has one of the richest film histories in the world. Over a century after Louis Le Prince filmed his first scene in a garden in Roundhay, Leeds, the presence of British cinema in the world of film is still a formidable one. Directors like Ben Wheatley and Andrea Arnold have progressed from a thriving independent scene to work with established Hollywood stars, while managing to retain the character that made their early films so special.

Looking back on the history of British cinema reveals a long list of stars, starting with Charlie Chaplin, one of the biggest superstars of silent film. ‘The Tramp,’ with his bowler hat, cane, toothbrush moustache and oversized shoes, is one of the most recognisable characters ever seen in film, a creation that cemented Chaplin’s legacy as a comic of peerless grace and invention.


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